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Our consultants are highly experienced coaches, leadership specialists, and change management leaders, all committed to helping organizations drive success and engagement.

Founder and Vision Holder

John’s background is in high performance team development, talent development, project management, and organizational design. He loves to build what he calls “extreme process improvements.” 

Future of Work Evangelist

 Doug started his career as financial controller in the manufacturing sector at the Morning Star, a world leader in the food industry. He now works with Great Work Cultures, the Center for Innovative Cultures, the Self-Management Institute, and other vibrant organizations and leaders to co-create the future of work.

Client Operations

The founder and chief executive officer of Syntax for Change and co-author of Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence, Lucy extracts the secrets of outstanding influencers, communicators, and leaders, and makes them easily accessible through learning and coaching programs.

Partner Relations

Peter is a management consultant and facilitator on leadership, team collaboration, and organizational design. He solves "people challenges" and develops leaders at all levels to create cultures of innovation while optimizing individual performance and well-being.

Coaching Services

  Janet is a coach, speaker, and contributing author of Manifest Change who assists organizations, individuals, and communities to achieve their goals. 

Emotional Intelligence Evangelist
Shabbir is an advanced trainer and practitioner certified with Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network. Also certified for Six Seconds EI assessment (SEI), he is a mentor/coach, speaker, trainer, and author.


As a versatile Professional and Certified Coach, Diane's approach is inspirational, energy-boosting, intuitive, and action-oriented. She helps her clients feel optimistic about their possibilities and inspires them to have a vision.

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