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Our Approach


Redefining roles to optimize a team's potential

While the conventional approach to solve this managerial issue is to provide more training and development to managers, the PCO Group has a more efficient approach to bring individuals, managers, and teams to their full potential.

Let’s compare stoplights and roundabouts. The roundabout outperforms a stoplight intersection - they are safer, reduce delays, and are less costly to install and maintain. Roundabouts are less complex, allow drivers to make their own decisions based on a few simple and easily understood rules, and trust one another to make good judgements.

stoplight roundabout diagram.webp

Stoplights have 32 points of conflict while roundabouts have just 8 points of conflict.
Roundabouts are safer, faster, and cost less toinstall and maintain than stoplights.

Controlling people directly, like cars at a stoplight, does not promote engagement. Co-creating an environment where everyone flows with the system, like a roundabout, nourishes a new relationship between the roles of employee and manager and results in engagement across teams.

Accelerate Engagement
By Nourishing Intelligences




Self Responsability








The PCO approach continuously develops individual’s five mindsets and their associated skills - Clarity of Purpose, Self-Responsibility, Autonomy, Transparency, Evolutionary Learning. In turn, Emotional, Social and Leadership (ESL) Intelligences are further developed.


Benefits of Developing Mindsets
& Increasing ESL Intelligence

    Improved Communication and Feedback

  Stronger Problem Solving

  Faster Decision Making

Developing these mindsets guides the manager to let go of how and be ever clearer on what - learning to communicate direction for the team and helping the team learn how to function autonomously to accomplish the direction.

​Everyone has Emotional, Social and Leadership (ESL) Intelligence. Many companies do not enable these intelligences to flourish within individuals or teams. The PCO approach continuously develops both the employee’s and manager’s ESL Intelligence in the context of their work, immediately benefiting the company’s goals.

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