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We transform organizations into engaged teams and fulfilled individuals.

"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence ―
It is to act with yesterday’s logic."  – Peter Drucker


From start-ups to global corporations, organizations are moving away from conventional management hierarchies towards a structure comprised of engaged teams. Their teams are close to the customer and empowered to make their own decisions. Individuals have distributed ownership and autonomy – and therefore are more fulfilled.

We collaborate with change agents to accelerate innovation in their organization, respectful of human dignity. How can your organization reduce friction to accelerate decision making? What changes does your organization need to accelerate innovation? Read our PCO Executive Summary here.

You know where you want to go – we can get you there.


“I want to build an organization where the subject matter expert (SME) teams comprised of data scientists and biologists aren’t siloed. Not only do the data scientists and biologists need to work together to solve issues, but they need to learn to respect each other’s knowledge and perspective.” – TechBio CEO

PCO Group guides leaders on how to access people's intrinsic motivations, aligning them with organizational goals, transforming mindsets to behave as if everyone were owners.


There is fear of change, but the fear of NOT changing is really a threat to survival.


Let's get started.
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