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We transform organizations by rethinking traditional hierarchy and
focusing on people-centric leadership.

We partner with you to define your organization’s purpose, then redesign roles and decision making, engage teams and people, and develop new mindsets and skills throughout the organization. To do that, we develop a roadmap for systemic change. We use well understood roles readily available in the market and put them together in a way that leads you to what you want from your organization.

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for a continuous development

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Peer Coaching


Outsource Team Management


No need to retrain managers and hire facilitators, outsource the functions of people coordination and development. Focus solely on your core business. Outsource management like you outsource IT functions.


Transition from Self-Managed Team(s) to Self-managed Org

Connect and coordinate teams with strategic business goals.


Transition from Heirerchical to Self-Managed team(s)

5 Step process to move into self-management. Lowering cost of management and increasing employee engagement and productivity.

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