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The best (and the improving) have one or more coaches...

Roger Federer, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett, Olympic medalists, the best companies in the world. They all have coaches in their lives.

The magic wand of coaching...

Now imagine if everybody had a coach, somebody to cheer them on, somebody to help them see things differently, someone to do a little research behind the scenes about how to help their performance, and help them feel better at what they’re doing, to feel connected to their own personal intrinsic motivations. If everybody from the janitor to the chemical specialists to the construction worker to the project manager, every role you can think of, imagine if they all had a coach to go to on a regular basis.

I asked executives and managers of large companies, who were experiencing accelerated human growth, (in corporate speak; experiential leadership development) if they would see any benefit in everyone in their organization having the same experience. Would they feel threatened? Would it be a waste of time? Would it apply to all levels of the organization?

I expected I would get mixed reactions, yet I didn´t. There was an unwavering conviction that accelerated human growth, in the way they were experiencing it, would be unquestionably the magic wand for making their organization highly successful.

So why don’t they all do it? Provide coaches to everybody in the organization. I think the primary one is simply disbelief that it can be done in a way that balances the economic goals of the business and is meaningful for the people.

In my following posts I will guide you through the assumptions and clarifications needed to achieve creating the magic wand of continuous human development in your organization.


Be the change you want to see.

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