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Are you still paying for ´managers´? You could do this instead...

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

One of the problems with human growth is that it is challenging to give it the justice it deserves with just words.

For scaling leadership (human) growth to organizational size it requires having common experiences for people to reference and skilled facilitation that together accelerates and focuses human growth.

As the world is changing faster and faster, human growth is a key element of success for the human species. The PCO Group is focused on scaling up and accelerating human growth, and the inevitable leadership skills that come with it.

I spent 8 years in the Swiss Alps creating events for accelerated and powerful human growth with executives, leaders, and managers of global and regional organizations (its called Experiential Leadership Development). I asked these people, especially the executives running billion-dollar companies, 'If cost and time were not an issue, would the growth they have just experienced be valuable for all the people in their organizations, or would it be a threat to them personally?'. The answer was a resounding, 'It's not possible, but IF it were it would be a game-changer.'. - The PCO Group has made it possible.

With the insights of the PCO group members and collaboration with Doug Kirkpatrick (Youtube: TEDx Talk - Beyond empowerment), we have created that system of scaled, accelerated leadership (and human) development at a lower cost than classical 'manager' based organizations and more effectively than only ´managerless´ systems. And we made it easy to implement.

We are excited to be unfolding that for you. The first tidbit of information is indicated by the title of this post. Stop filling (or refilling) manager roles. When a person moves on to another role and leaves a manager role empty, don´t fill the role. First, take the role apart into its 3 basic elements:

  • administrative duties,

  • any subject matter expertise needed, and

  • human development skills for developing the team to deal with their specific issues on an ongoing basis.

All three topics are part-time roles and can be filled by outside people or inside people.

´But who is the boss?´, you ask. At this point you tell the team, ´they´are the boss. In following posts I will describe the ensuing chaos and development that happens and the amazing results that then appear.

Be sure you have provided your email address on the PCO website and followed the PCO LinkedIn page to get notified of updates as they are published.

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